How to check if the Fall Guys servers are down

Fall Guys server status crossplay
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Need to know what the Fall Guys server status is? It's fair to say that there were a few rough spots at launch, but after a couple of maintenance breaks, it looks as though Mediatonic stabilised the servers and fixed matchmaking. Queuing into a match should be a much smoother experience now, but it's worth knowing where to look for server updates in case there are further hitches. 

Precise dives and well-timed nudges into your opponents should see you comfortably ploughing into the next round. But, if you encounter problems, here's how to find the root of the cause promptly. Let's cover how you can check the status of the Fall Guys servers, and get you back to dominating the ultimate knockout as quickly as possible.

How to check the Fall Guys server status

Getting kicked from a match mid-game is frustrating, but it's easy to verify whether it was just a small hiccup, or whether the servers are genuinely down. The best place to keep up with all major Fall Guys announcements is its official Twitter account, but it's also a good idea to follow @FallGuysOwl, an account dedicated to posting server updates.

If the servers appear to be in good shape and you're still experiencing issues, it may be a problem on your end. You know what I'm going to say—have you tried turning it off and on again? No, really, it's time to restart your game and see if that helps. If the issue persists and you're sure your router and PC aren't to blame, head to the Fall Guys support page to raise a ticket.

Fall Guys crossplay: Can we play with console friends?

While racing around grabbing others' tails and dashing to the finish line is an absolute blast on PC, it's always nice to have support for cross-platform play—especially since many of the game's players have got access to it for no additional cost via PS Plus. Unfortunately this isn't something that Mediatonic is able to offer at the moment, but it's been previously mentioned that "it's something we really want to do in the future". For now, you can play with your pals online, providing that you're all on the same platform.

If this is a feature you'd like to see baked into a future update, join the Fall Guys Discord to give the team some feedback and make a polite request. Suggestions to improve the game are warmly welcomed, and the Discord is already brimming with friendly folks that love bundling into its chaotic rounds.

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