It has begun—there's a Fall Guys followers mod for Skyrim

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Sorry, Marvel's Infinity War. There's a new contender for most ambitious crossover in history. And it was inevitable, really: Skyrim just got a heavy dose of Fall Guys. 

Jarl Balgruff, meet Jelly Beans. Modder m150 has created a Fall Guys Followers mod for Skyrim Special Edition. The mod allows you to have up to ten colorful little Fall Guys following you around—plus one full-sized one. In the video below, you can see that they're quite aggressive too, attacking your enemies with the same determination they use to clamber across See Saw and climb Fall Mountain.

There are a few extra Fall Guys items in the mod, too: a Fall Guys guard helmet, a bright pink Fall Guys stick you can use as a weapon, and a tasty-looking Fall Guys sweet roll (it's actually a hat, and a cute one at that). You can craft these items at any forge and let your new companions wear them or use them yourself.

The Fall Guys Followers mod is available here at Nexus Mods. With the mod installed, you'll find the Fall Guys hanging out at Whitewatch Tower, north of Whiterun, where you can talk to them and invite them to join your party. Looks like you'll need the Dragonborn DLC for it to work, however.


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