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Fable will be very British, and you'll play it before Elder Scrolls 6

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer went on the 500th episode of IGN's Unlocked podcast, and in the process left a trail of tasty breadcrumbs about some of the behemoth's most-anticipated titles. One of those is the reboot of the Fable series being developed by Playground Games, best-known for the Forza Horizon series, which he briefly addressed while talking about Obsidian's Avowed.

Since its announcement, Avowed has come to be seen as Obsidian's Skyrim-killer, but Spencer thinks "the games are very different, so maybe I struggle a little bit to say that's our version of this: just knowing what Fergus [Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian] and the team are going off to do, but when I think about our line-up, and I think about that more core fantasy RPG setting I think Avowed's going to be an awesome entrant there."

"Fable’s never been that," Spencer continues. "Fable’s clearly [...] always been a little more light-hearted and a little more British, I think I could say, and I think Playground will keep it there." Then he says we'll be playing it before another biggie: "Elder Scrolls 6 is further out, and when that comes out I think it's going to be incredible."

Spencer finished by returning to the Skyrim comparison. "I think Avowed just from a core fantasy based RPG, there's going to be some distinct differences with what Elder Scrolls has done traditionally, this one obviously takes place in the Pillars [of Eternity] world and stuff, but yeah..." Yeah Phil? Go on (spoiler: he did not).

Rich Stanton

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