Fable 3 dev: PC piracy "less problematic than second-hand sales on the XBox"

Fable 3

A Lionhead developer has voicing his thoughts on piracy, saying that he sees second hand sales on consoles as a bigger problem than piracy on PC. "There are a lot of honest people out there," he says, "if they like your game they'll buy it."

Fable 3 lead combat designer Mike West made the comments to Eurogamer , saying that "piracy these days on PC is probably less problematic than second-hand sales on the Xbox."

"I've been working on PC games for many years and piracy is always a problem," he adds. "The pirates, whatever you do on whatever system, they will crack it.

"It might take no time... I think the longest it's taken to happen is two days. Someone will crack it somewhere and there's not much you can do about it."

"Unless you sit down and meet a pirate face to face and have a conversation about what it does, I don't think anything will stop them."

Though West admits that piracy is a problem, he's optimistic about Fable 3's release on PC this week, saying that any profits made from the PC version of the game will be "a bonus."

Mouse support, increased difficulty and higher resolutions are just a few of the improvements that Fable 3 PC players can look forward. Find out more in our Fable 3 preview .

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