Exoprimal is Capcom's new 'exofighters versus dinosaurs' online shooter

Capcom announced a new online game at Sony's State of Play today, and while it's not Dino Crisis, it definitely has dinosaurs. Exoprimal is a cooperative affair pitting 'exofighters'—basically humans in very powerful robosuits—against dinosaurs. Promisingly, Capcom's announcement makes mention of raptors cascading from the sky. It would suck if dinosaurs rained from the sky in real life, but in videogames? Every birthday and Christmas at once.

According to Capcom's official announcement it's a PvE affair with a slight competitive twist: teams of five players will be "repelling thousands of dinosaurs" in a setting weirdly reminiscent of the Earth Defence Force games. The main mode is called Dino Survival, and will have two squads competing to complete a series of tasks while, yes, raptors cascade from the sky, and "Tyrannosaurus Rexes stomp through the streets". These tasks might include simply murdering the dinosaurs, but can sometimes involve "transporting cargo or protecting a critical point from relentless assaults".

There's a class flavour to Exoprimal too, with a range of different Exosuits befitting a range of different playstyles. Four have been listed so far, fitting fairly obvious archetypes:

Deadeye: "Keeps a healthy distance while unleashing a hail of destructive force with powerful assault weapons"
Zephyr: A "melee-range" Exosuit that "carves a path through hordes of smaller dinosaurs
Roadblock: A "tank-like" Exosuit bearing "a massive shield to hold off swarms of enemies"
Witchdoctor: Basically the healer

There's also an omnipresent AI called Leviathan, who is able to predict where Vortexes are likely to pop up next (the vortexes are where the dinosaurs come from, you know). She's basically the navigator and instruction barker, but will also drive the narrative along. Exoprimal will release for PC and consoles some time in 2023.

Shaun Prescott

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