EVGA confirms it's replacing all its RTX 3090s killed by Amazon's New World MMO

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EVGA has confirmed to us that every one of its GeForce RTX 3090 cards that have been killed by issues with the New World MMO closed beta will be replaced by the company: "Yes, all failed 3090’s are being replaced," a spokesman for the company has said. 

The developer, Amazon Games Studios, has now released a hotfix which clamps the FPS in the menu without affecting the rest of the game, despite assuring gamers that the closed beta was "safe to play" regardless of any patch.

"We have implemented an update to reduce GPU load in menu screens by clamping FPS," reads a post on the New World forums. "this does not affect settings in game world available via the Settings/Video menu!"

The people who have had their ~$2,000 graphics card summarily executed by the game might have something to say about the 'safe to play' nature of the game, but at least we now know that those people will have new cards coming their way.

And potentially soon too.

According to Jason Langevin, host on the JayzTwoCents YouTube channel, his contacts at EVGA have also confirmed they have been cross-shipping RMA'd products out to card owners whose GPUs have fried as a result of the New World beta. That means as soon as the RMA ticket has been approved, cards are being shipped out before the b0rked one has been returned and tested.

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Honestly, that's a smart move by EVGA. Despite how you might feel about the fact that only its cards have been publicised as falling victim to the Amazon MMO, and any issues with the quality of those cards' power components, the fact that it is at least rushing replacement GPUs out to its customers is a positive.

When it comes to RMA-ing the card with EVGA's support system, there is reportedly also now a specific 'New World' category when it comes to giving the reason for the return of the faulty graphics card.

There has been some anecdotal evidence, again from Langevin, this time via twitter, of other GPUs having been affected by the issue. He reports that users of AMD GPUs as well as other Nvidia users have experienced bricked cards because of New World.

For our part we've not seen or heard any evidence to support that, so we don't know exactly how widespread this was. Thankfully it looks like the issue (that wasn't an issue, according to Amazon) has now been dealt with both by the company most hit by dead GPUs, as well as the developers of the game in question.

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