EverQuest Next Landmark Founder's Pack available now, includes early access

Sony Online Entertainment today announced a Founder's Pack for EverQuest Next Landmark , its upcoming MMO-meets-sandbox building game and spin-off of the in-development EverQuest Next . Starting today, you can purchase one of three packs for the game, two of which include early alpha access when the game launches early next year, plus a whole bunch of in-game items and tools.

The Landmark Founder's Pack comes in three tiers, from a low end that will cost players $20 to a high-end bundle running $100. All three will grant closed beta access on or before March 31, 2014, as well as a Founder's Pickaxe, a Settler flag, and founder titles in-game and on the EQN Landmark forum. The Explorer's Pack, at $60, adds a few more in-game items and—even better—access to the game's early alpha period, starting on or before February 28, 2014. The top-end Trailblazer's Pack throws in a heap of additional in-game items, a Trailblazer title for in-game and forum use, and four sharable beta keys for your friends, all for $100.

If you're on the fence for SOE's Minecraft-like MMO, Tyler's hands-on preview with EverQuest Next Landmark may sway you. He calls Landmark a cross between "Minecraft and 3D modeling," and our few hours with the tools convinced us that, even with just a little bit of practice, one can build amazing things. But this isn't just a building tool—SOE calls Landmark a game in its own right, and has extensive plans for risk, monsters, and progression, along with giving players the ability to build challenges and adventures for their friends. It's a game where getting early access to plots of land to build on will be important, which is why SOE is offering early access.

If all of that convinces you, you can buy into SOE's Founders Pack program starting today and start drafting your plans for the game's first pieces of modern art.