Everquest 2 to banish naughty players to "prison server"

Everquest 2

As spotted by Eurogamer, Daybreak (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) has announced an imminent experiment in which Everquest 2 players who break the game rules will be banished to a "prison server" forever.

This server, Drunder, will receive no customer service support and, naturally, will be full of players who like to cheat, so it's unlikely to be a particularly pleasant place to play. However, players will be able to use the petition system to ask to join the server, though once an account goes to Drunder it can't return.

Apparently, the customer service staff have been asking for this kind for thing for years, but Daybreak stresses it's an experiment. They'll start to see results when they launch the server later this week. What do you think, good idea?