Euro Truck Simulator 2 is headed to the Baltic states in next expansion

Euro Truck Simulator 2's next expansion will let you ease around the bends of the Baltic states, developer SCS Software has revealed. The DLC will include the whole of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, parts of southern Finland and a section of western Russia, including Saint Petersburg.

The team did not mention a release date for the expansion, provisionally named Beyond the Baltic Sea, so I wouldn't expect it imminently. They have "quite a lot of ground to cover" and the DLC will end up feeling "very different from the rest of the world we have so far", SCS said in a blog post

You can see a map of the region that the expansion will add below—it's the purple bit.

Saint Petersburg is a particularly beautiful city, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the team handles its extravagant architecture. A lot of the expansion will be hours and hours of countryside, however, and you can see some screens of that below. 

The game is slowly building up its reconstruction of Europe, having added the cities of northern Italy in December.

Samuel Horti

Samuel Horti is a long-time freelance writer for PC Gamer based in the UK, who loves RPGs and making long lists of games he'll never have time to play. He's now a full-time reporter covering health at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. When he does have time for games you may find him on the floor, struggling under the weight of his Steam backlog.