Euro Truck Simulator 2 is expanding with new cities

Ets2 Hungary Update 006

The world's best game about transporting wood shavings to Strasbourg is about to get a little bigger. As part of the upcoming 1.19 expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2, the Going East! expansion will gain two additional Hungarian cities.

Szeged and Pécs will be added to the Southern side of the country. You can see screenshots of the new areas below. As explained on SCS blog, "quite a few kilometers of new roads were created to provide good connection to the older section of the map.

Update 1.19 is currently in closed beta testing. No release date has been given, but a public test is expected soon.

Ets2 Hungary Update 002

Ets2 Hungary Update 003

Ets2 Hungary Update 004

Ets2 Hungary Update 001

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