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Epic giving away Fortnite freebies to make up for downtime

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Fortnite (opens in new tab) has had its fair share of problems over the past week, what with a 14-hour downtime (opens in new tab) followed by multiple issues for people trying to play with friends (opens in new tab). The game seems to be over the worst of it for now, but Epic is keen to make it up to players, and to that end it's giving away some freebies.

All Battle Royale players are getting 20 battle stars towards their battle pass progression. The battle pass system gives you new cosmetic items like outfits or emotes as you level up, and the 20 stars should bump you up a few tiers. The loot that free-to-play players get is fairly restricted, but you can buy a premium battle pass to unlock extra goodies at each tier.

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Save the World players will get 1600 Seasonal Gold to use in the Event Store, which lets you buy time-limited items. You'll be able to claim the free stuff after the next patch, which is due to happen in the next few days.  

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