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The Epic Store's Black Friday Sale has begun

Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale 2020
(Image credit: Epic Games)
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Right on schedule, the Epic Game Store's Black Friday Sale is now live. There are no special giveaways in this one, and it's a much simpler affair that the Steam Autumn Sale that went live yesterday: There's nothing going on here but deals.

Since Epic is getting right down to business, so will I, with a few suggestions to get you started:

There's also a bunch of Assassin's Creed games on sale, seven Jackbox Party Packs, all the Far Cry games, and quite a lot more. It's not as expansive as Steam's current sale (which makes sense, given Epic's very different approach toward curation) but it's a good mix of big-budget and indie stuff.

And while it's not directly related to the sake, there is free stuff to be had: The excellent offroad driving sim Mudrunner is now free for the week. The Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale runs until December 3.

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