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else Heart.Break() trailer shows friendship and computers


Here's a trailer for adventure RPG else Heart.Break(). We'll get to what it is soon, but first I'm going to objectify the heck out of it. Blimey, this piece of digital media looks gooood.

"Else Heartbreak is an adventure game set in the peculiar city of Dorisburg," explains the trailer, "a place where bits have replaced atoms. Follow the daily lives of its citizens, fall madly in love, and learn how to modify reality through programming."

In other words, it sounds a bit like Double Fine's Hack 'n' Slash, but with feelings. Hopefully, it will also sound as good as it looks; with music (and animation, modelling and world design) from Hotline Miami's El Huervo.

else Heart.Break() is due out "pretty soon," apparently. See some screenshots below.



Thanks, RPS.

Phil Savage
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