Elite: Dangerous will add a Carrie Fisher tribute station in the 2.3 update

2016 was a rough year for celebrity deaths, and the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher earlier this week struck sci-fi fans especially hard. She was a noted author and Hollywood script doctor, but it was her portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars films that brought her greatest fame. To honor the significance of the character and the actress who brought her to life, Frontier Developments announced that a new outpost bearing her name will be added to Elite: Dangerous

"Sad news indeed," executive producer Michael Brookes posted on the Elite forums. "A 'Fisher's Rest' outpost will be added to the game in the 2.3 release." 

Fisher's Rest won't be the first tribute station added to Elite: Dangerous. In 2015, WCM Transfer Orbital in the Vulcan system was renamed to Leonard Nimoy Station in honor of the late Star Trek actor, and one named Pratchett's Disc was added following the passing of Discworld author Terry Pratchett. It isn't the first videogame tribute to Fisher, either: shortly after her death, thousands of Star Wars: The Old Republic players came together in a remarkable impromptu gathering to celebrate her life. 

The Elite: Dangerous 2.3 update is currently expected to go live in early 2017. 

Andy Chalk

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