Corsair makes a major move into streaming with Elgato Gaming acquisition

Corsair knows the ins and outs of the gaming peripheral market, and Elgato is a major player in the streaming hardware and software sector. What happens when the two outfits join forces? We're about to find out—Corsair today announced it is acquiring Elgato's gaming division.

There isn't much info to be gleaned from the announcement, such as the purchase price and whether or not some of Elgato's engineers will transfer over to Corsair. The only concrete detail is that Elgato's connected home business, Elgato Eve, will continue to be its own separate entity under the name Eve Systems.

We've reached out to Corsair for more information. In the meantime, this looks like a solid buy, at least on the surface. Elgato offers a full range of streaming hardware and accessories, including various internal and external capture cards and a collapsible green screen, that will tie in nicely with Corsair's focus on gaming.

It's because of companies like Elgato that game streaming is not the exclusive domain of professionals and power users with deep pockets. Elgato's HD60 Pro capture card, for example, sells for $178.99 on Amazon

We wouldn't be surprised if Corsair started selling its own brand of capture cards at some point in the near future. For now, Corsair has added an "Elgato Gaming" selection to its products tab. Clicking on it takes you to Elgato's external website.

Paul Lilly

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