How to complete the Elden Ring Yura quest

Elden Ring Yura
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Want to complete the Elden Ring Yura quest? For all you Bloodborne players who helped Eileen, this one will ring some bells. The quest is almost identical, as you help Yura hunt a number of bloody fingers until one gets the better of him. It doesn’t have loads of steps, and you can skip most of them if you only want his long-katana, Nagakiba, and his Ronin Armour set.

But Yura’s quest reveals a lot of fun lore in terms of Dragon Communion and how it basically turns people into power-hungry psychopaths—like the final bloody finger you fight, Eleonora. You also get to meet Shabriri, and fight against the only Ravenmount Assassin in the game, despite the numerous references the group gets in weapon, armor, and talisman descriptions.

So, if you want to help the grumpy ronin on his bloody path to save the one he loves, while also filching some unique items, here’s every step you need to take to complete the Elden Ring Yura quest.

Elden Ring Yura quest summary 

There are only a few main steps to Yura’s quest, but if you want his full story, you can do the optional ones too:

1. Talk to Yura by the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace (Optional).
2. Defeat Flying Dragon Agheel (Optional).
3. Talk to Yura again (Optional).
4. Defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus when he invades outside Murkwater Cave.
5. Talk to Yura north along the river from Murkwater Cave (Optional).
6. Summon to help Yura fight the Ravenmount Assassin on the bridge by the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace in Raya Lucaria.
7. Talk to Yura on the bridge (Optional).
8. Talk to dying Yura in the Second Church of Marika then defeat the invader, Eleonora.
9. Talk to Shabriri, now inhabiting Yura’s body, at the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace (Optional).
10. Either kill Shabriri to get the Ronin Armour set or inherit the Frenzied Flame and return to find the armour dropped where he was standing.

Yura and Agheel

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Where to find Yura 

The first place you find Yura is under a ruin archway near the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace. He’ll warn you of Flying Dragon Agheel in the lake, but if you defeat Agheel, he’ll give you the location of the Church of Dragon Communion and explain the lore behind it. You don’t have to do this step, but it gives you some background into Violet Bloody Finger, Eleonora (whom Yura is hunting) and what likely happened to her. For those only interested in Yura’s Nagakiba katana, you can kill him at this point to get it. This will end the quest, but Shabriri will still spawn later on letting you claim Yura’s armour set, too.

Bloody Finger Nerijus

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How to get Reduvia 

The first main step in the quest is to head to Murkwater Cave in West Limgrave. Near the entrance you’ll be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus. He can be quite tough to beat if you’re right at the start of the game, but if you wait a little while, Yura will summon in to help you. This makes things a lot easier since Yura also seems to be invincible when fighting Nerijus. Defeat the Bloody Finger and you’ll get the Reduvia dagger. If you want to speak to Yura about the bloody fingers, head north up the river to find him.

Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin

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How to get Raptor of the Mists 

Next you need to head to Raya Lucaria in Liurnia of the Lakes. Gain access to the academy with the Glintstone Key, then head north-ish along the bridge to find a summon sign. Use this to enter Yura’s world and help fight the Ravenmount Assassin. This invader wields the Raptor Talons hand weapon, but shouldn’t be too hard to beat with Yura by your side. The reward for this fight is the Ash of War: Raptor of the Mists, which lets you jump above opponents when they land a hit. It’s a little useless, but still good fun. Talk to Yura on your return if you want more info about his quest. 

Violet Bloody Finger Eleonora

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How to get Eleonora’s Pole Blade and Nagakiba

 The final stop of Yura’s journey is the Second Church of Marika in the Altus Plateau. Approach the church, being wary of the blood dogs, and head inside to speak to a dying Yura. Once you talk to him, he’ll die and drop his long katana, Nagakiba. After a short delay, you’ll get invaded by Eleonora. Besides Juno Hoslow, she is the hardest NPC fight in the game. 

Eleonora frequently uses dragon incantations such as Dragonfire and Greyoll’s Roar, so it’s a good idea to maintain distance when you aren’t attacking so you can evade them. Her pole blade inflicts both fire and bloodloss buildup, and you should watch out for her weapon skill: a Malenia-esque combo of sweeping slashes. Defeating her will give you the pole blade, but also a Purifying Crystal Tear that you can use in your Wondrous Physick to nullify Mohg’s blood curse in his boss fight. 


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How to get the Ronin Armor set 

The last place you find Yura is by the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace, though he’s not Yura anymore. Shabriri has inhabited Yura’s corpse and tells you to go and inherit the Frenzied Flame from under Leyndell. If you do this, he’ll disappear, leaving behind Yura’s Ronin Armour set, but you can also just kill Shabriri to get it. Even if you kill Yura right at the start of the game, Shabriri will still appear here, letting you get both Yura’s weapon and armour even without completing his quest. 


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