Elden Ring update makes summoning easier and finally lets you do the Varre quest solo

Elden Ring's Radahn cries out to the sky in cutscene
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FromSoftware just pushed out a new update for Elden Ring, making summoning a friendly face a whole lot easier, removing the online requirements for a quest and slapping some nerfs on a few meta skills and weapons.

Patch 1.06 lets you send summoning signs to more areas, including regions you're not currently in. It should make finding a helper in quieter areas a lot easier now, though understandably you can only be summoned to areas you've already visited. The same is also true for invaders, so now you can invade a larger area, including regions you're not currently in.

The update has also introduced an offline alternative for the White Mask Varre questline. Before now, the only way to advance was by invading someone else's game three times. Although you didn't actually have to fight or win against any other players, it was a pain for people playing offline. Now, those who don't fancy getting their hands dirty with PvP can instead defeat a new NPC. I haven't seen word on how tough said NPC is just yet, though hopefully it's not too much of a pain to beat.

106_the_saviour_of_pvp from r/Eldenring

There have also been a few nerfs to weapon skills that have proven a major sore point. Fans seem chuffed to see that Ash of War Bloodhound Step has been given a healthy nerf, decreasing its invincibility frames and reducing performance when continuously used. Its travel distance has also been reduced, though it'll be increased when using a light equip load. Corpse Piler has also seen a nerf, decreasing damage and bleed build-up. While it's not considered a major change, it's still a small downgrade for the Rivers of Blood katana.

Elden Ring 1.06 has a few bug fixes here and there, too, like no longer being easily noticed when wearing the deathbed dress, and one that stopped players jumping mid-air while riding in certain situations. So far the community seems pretty pleased with the changes, with the subreddit applauding the wider summoning range and the nerfs to Bloodhound Step. The tweak to Varre's quest is also a nice bit of future-proofing for when Elden Ring servers inevitably go offline. You can peep the full patch notes on the Bandai Namco site.

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