Elden Ring modder recreates the god-murdering ambush that sets up the game

Elden Ring is is like most of FromSoft's worlds, inasmuch as your adventure is set in a place that's been transformed and warped by some long-past cataclysm. Spoiler alert obviously, because in the Lands Between this was something called The Night of the Black Knives: the first time a Demigod was murdered. Godwyn the Golden, the firstborn of the Golden Lineage, was killed by a group called the Black Knife Assassins, which triggers cascading events until the shattering of the Elden Ring.

Then some time later the player turns up. The nature of these games' storytelling means there are facts about what happened, but the motivations of certain characters (such as Godwyn's mother Marika, who initiates the plot) are more open to interpretation.

Another minor tradition with FromSoft games is that modders like to set up boss fights: these games just fit the idea. And so BjornTheBear has decided to set up the scenario from The Night of the Black Knives (thanks, GamesRadar+), and see which Elden Ring bosses can survive it.

The original victim, Godwyn, doesn't feature in the game by virtue of being dead, though there are other members of the golden lineage in there. So the idea is ten assassins (one of whom is the 'leader' with a bit more health), a boss in the middle, and let's see who survives the shanking.

The funny thing about these videos is how well co-ordinated the ten assassins are in their attacks, and the way their AI moves them in flanking attacks and pile-ons. It's especially amusing in fights where the bosses can get knocked down, at which point you get a steady stream of assassins diving onto their body like a cartoon brawl. Needless to say, a lot of the bosses just get absolutely bodied and those who get stunlocked easily don't even get a hit off.

But there are the mighty. It will surprise no player that Starscourge Radahn kicks some assassin ass, in what's a fairly thrilling fight. Others including Rykard, Malenia, and Radagon come out well also, but the biggest treat comes right at the end of the video when the Soldier of Godrick, an ordinary looking NPC who has big Iron Tarkus vibes, goes out to get revenge for the golden lineage: and hits a home run.

The Elden Ring mod scene more generally is extremely healthy, from fanservice like this to total chaos (enemy randomiser) and nonsense (cat ears). Here's our guide to the best Elden Ring mods, and enjoy this Darth Vader one which I found impressive: Most impressive.


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