Elden Ring enemy randomizer mod replaces Margit with someone far more sinister

Elden Ring boss Radahn
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Elden Ring's modding scene is off to a promising start. After weeks of simple reskins and small technical fixes popping up on Nexus Mods, we're starting to see mods that meaningfully transform the game. Modder Matt Gruen is one of the creators at the forefront, so far putting out an extensive key item randomizer mod. His next project is a randomizer for enemies, and it looks like a doozy.

Gruen shared a sneak peek of the enemy randomizer on Twitter, demonstrating its chaotic potential by rolling into Margit, The Fell Omen's boss fight and instead finding Starscourge Radahn, a mid-game boss who's meant to be fought once the player has (at least) beefed up their Vigor a bit. Not only does Radahn hit incredibly hard compared to Margit, but his intrusion on the bridge outside Stormveil Castle is a spacing nightmare.

Radahn is typically fought on a wide, mostly flat expanse of sand on the east end of Caelid. He likes to slip and slide around on a comically small horse while swinging his swords in huge sweeping arcs. He's not so hard to keep away from in the open sand, but on a cramped bridge, you basically have to perfectly dodge or take the hit. Frankly, I'm impressed the fight still works at all in a tiny arena. It's not clear if Gruen had to modify any of Radahn's behaviors to get him to work right (his meteoric re-entry attack even works as intended). If so, then getting the other hundred Elden Ring bosses to work in randomized locations may be a huge undertaking.

Radahn is certainly not one of the first bosses I'd like to fight in Elden Ring, but the randomizer could have been even crueler and subbed in Malenia instead. Gruen hasn't mentioned an exact release date for the Elden Ring enemy randomizer, but a version that combines it and the item randomizer is coming "soon."

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