How to find Mimic Tear spirit ashes in Elden Ring

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When Elden Ring first launched, the Mimic Tear was the god of NPC spirit ashes. This summon was modelled after the Mimic Tear boss, and copied whatever weapons, armor, or spells you had equipped, allowing to double up on applying statuses like bleed, or let the tear heal itself using magic or flasks.

Needless to say, FromSoftware cottoned on to the fact that the Mimic Tear was letting players breeze through bosses, so in a patch shortly after release, it nerfed its overall tankiness. But even with the nerf, the Mimic Tear is still one of the best summons in the game, and the sheer variety of weapons and armor you can build it with make it a lot of fun to fight alongside.

So where do you find this doppelganger? In this Elden Ring Mimic Tear guide, I'll explain where to collect your long lost twin, what you'll need to unlock it, and how to get to the area where it's located in the first place. Be warned that you'll need a Stonesword Key for this.

Mimic Tear spirit ash location: Nokron, Eternal City

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To get to the Mimic Tear ashes, you'll want to have the Night's Sacred Ground Site of Grace unlocked. If you don't already, you're in for a bit of a journey, so buckle up.

The short version is that you'll have to defeat one of the trickier Elden Ring bosses: Starscourge Radahn, and then head into Nokron, Eternal City by venturing deep into the earth near Fort Haight West in East Limgrave. This is also a key step in the Ranni quest. Assuming you've done all that, carry on your merry way through Nokron.

Appropriately, you'll have to fight a clone of your character as a boss to progress through this area. After defeating your twin, head into the woods and go southerly until you find the Ancestral Woods site of grace. You're close now, but you'll need to do some additional parkour to reach the final destination.

Head southwest and downwards by way of more rooftops, ledges, and balconies. After you find a rooftop courtyard, head east across another ledge, a broken arch, and then through a window into a chapel. You've made it! Unlock the fog wall in this chapel by using a key on the Imp Statue nearby and kill the last, unaware enemy standing between you and the chest containing those spirit ashes.

This walkthrough below by Gaming With Abyss does a great job of showing the speedy path through Nokron to the chapel. 

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