Where to find Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring

Elden Ring stonesword key locations
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Elden Ring's Stonesword Keys some of the rarest items in the game. They let you unlock a variety of closed-off rooms that contain valuable items.  Like Pharros' Lockstones in Dark Souls 2, these keys can be slotted into Imp Statues to remove fog doors, giving you access to crafting items, spell tomes, talismans, and even dungeons. Their value is also the reason that a Stonesword Key is one of the best Elden Ring keepsakes.

In this list of Elden Ring Stonesword Key locations, I'll go through the ones we've found so far, as well as the Imp Statues we've located. Some of these have some decent goodies, so you should get an idea of where to spend your scarce keys. We don't have too many yet, since they are rare, but we'll add more as we find them. 

Stonesword Keys

 Elden Ring Stonesword Key locations 

East Limgrave

  • One can be taken as a keepsake at the start of the game. 
  • One is found on the body by the Storm Hill shack Site of Grace on Storm Hill. Simply follow the road up from the Gatefront to find it. 
  • You can buy three from Finger Reader Enia in the Roundtable Hold for 4,000 runes each. To unlock her, you must defeat Godrick, and take his "Remembrance of the Grafted'' to the Divine Tower of Limgrave, to the east of Stormveil Castle. There are more details in our boss guide.

 West Limgrave

  • At the southernmost point of East Limgrave, on the Bridge of Sacrifices that leads into the Weeping Peninsula, you'll find the key on a body behind the ballista. 

South Limgrave

  • One is sold by the Nomadic Merchant by the Castle Morne Rampart Grace for 2,000 runes.
  • The Isolated Merchant in the Isolated Merchant's Shack sells three for 2,000 runes.
  • Near the shore, east of the Bridge of Sacrifice is a corpse in a chair that has one.
  • In the middle of the Bridge of Sacrifice behind a ballista.

 Siofra River

  • Head east from the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace, along the cliff edge, to find a spirit step that lets you jump to the top of the broken viaduct sticking out into the abyss. Make your way along, jump the gap with your Elden Ring mount, Torrent, and you'll find a body slumped near the farthest edge with the key. 
  • The semi-hidden Abandoned Merchant here sells three Stonesword Keys. You can get there by climbing up the wooden ladders, jumping off to the side, and following it into the cave to find the merchant.
  • Across the way from Siofra River, near the Lord of Blood fight, you can find an Imprisoned Merchant in a cave. He sells five Stonesword Keys.


  • Up the elevator from Siofra River, left of a bear near the Site of Grace.
  • In Sellia, Town of Sorcery on a corpse next to a ladder that leads to the town's secret.

Mt. Gelmir

  • Head west along the road from the Bridge of Iniquity Site of Grace, past the hanging bodies, and where Anastasia invades, to find it on the bridge piled with corpses. 
  • Head west from the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace to the camp with the siege tower. Head past the pumpkin head at the far end and jump the rocks. Head up the ladder past the Grafted Scion. Head left to climb another ladder near Marionette Archers. You'll find a merchant at the top who sells a Stonesword Key for 5,000 runes. 

Altus Plateau

  • Follow the road north from the Grand Lift of Dectus, then take the right fork in the road. Keep following until it eventually meets a broken bridge with a site of grace and a merchant sitting on it. He'll sell you three Stonesword Keys, each for 4,000 runes.
  • An Imp statue unlocks the Golden Lineage Evergaol to the east of the Grand Lift of Dectus. This contains a boss that is pretty similar to Godrick. Must be distant relative. 
  • Sealed Tunnel 

Leyndell, Royal Capital

  • Located near the Fortified Manor near the First Floor Site of Grace. You have to get onto the foot of the massive dragon and jump off onto a wooden structure to find a corpse with a key on it.
  • Leyndell sewers has a Stonesword Key near the Underground Roadside Site of Grace. If you drop down below the pipes, you can find a prison cell with one.

East Mountaintops of the Giants

  • From the Whiteridge Road site of grace, head into the camp around the fort. The key is on a body next to the Fire Prelate with the big hammer. 

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Imp Statues

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 Elden Ring Imp statue locations

There are lots of Imp statues scattered throughout the world, but here's what some of them unlock, so you know where to spend your keys:

Roundtable Hold

  • The first Imp statue in the basement of Roundtable Hold unlocks Crepus's Black-Key Crossbow, a good sniping weapon if you're going with a ranged build. 
  • The second Imp statue in the Roundtable Hold, after Crepus' crossbow, unlocks the Assassin's Prayerbook of incantations.

West Limgrave

  • The Imp statue in the Stranded Graveyard unlocks the Fringefolk Hero's Grave dungeon, definitely worth unlocking as it gives you a good talisman, a summonable NPC, and a golden seed. 
  • There's an Imp statue in Stormveil Castle in the basement with the rats by the flamethrower courtyard. This gives you the Godslayer Seal, and the Godskin Prayerbook, that you can give to Brother Corhyn to learn Godslayer incantations.
  • Another Imp Statue is in Stormveil Castle, in a side room from the great hall with the hanging body parts and the Grafted Scion. This rewards you the Miséricorde dagger, which has a high crit stat, and the Iron Whetblade, which allows you to add Heavy, Keen, or Quality affinities to weapons. It also unlocks a very long drop with items at the bottom, but we've no idea how to get down there yet. Cat Ring anyone?

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East Limgrave

  • The Imp statue in Summonwater Village in East Limgrave unlocks the Turtle Talisman. This is basically the new Chloranthy Ring from Dark Souls, and gives stamina recovery, so definitely valuable in certain setups.

Siofra River

  • The Imp statue in the northernmost point of Siofra River unlocks the elevator that leads up to the Siofra Deep Well on the west side of Caelid.

West Liuria

  • At the Four Bellfries on the hill, in the southern section of west Liuria, you can activate portals using Imbued Sword Keys. You can get one from a chest up there, but we've no idea where to get the others yet.

Mt. Gelmir

  • The Imp door with the soldier guarding it, along the river from the Seethewater River Site of Grace unlocks a particularly horrible poison dungeon.

And that's all we've unlocked for now. We'll add more to this list in due course. 

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