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The Elden Ring Meteorite Staff is one of the best weapons to grab early on in the Lands Between if you're looking to cast sorceries. Not only does this staff boast extremely high intelligence-scaling that's perfect for any sorcerer, but it also boosts gravity spells, which are great for staggering foes, and bringing flying enemies down to the ground.

Sadly, the staff can't be upgraded, making it a tool that's great for the early game, but that drops off before long in terms of damage potential. Still, it's got a low-ish intelligence requirement and is perfect if you're just starting to experiment with what Elden Ring spells have to offer.

The Meteorite Staff is also available right from the start of the game, though you'll have to get Torrent and make a run through the hostile wilds of Caelid to the Swamp of Aeonia. So, if gravity sorcery sounds like fun, or if you just want that high intelligence scaling spell damage, read on.

Elden Ring Meteorite Staff location 

The Meteorite Staff is found on a corpse in a ruined tower on the western side of Caelid. The closest Site of Grace is the Astray from Caelid Highway North, which is just to the west of the ruined tower, and to the east of the road that leads from Limgrave and loops south towards the sea. There are a couple of ways to get to this area early on. 

  • The quickest way is via the trapped chest found in a cellar in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave. Basically, if you attempt to open this chest, you'll be teleported to an area in Caelid.
  • The second method is to walk (or ride) there once you've passed through Summonwater Village, in the northeastern area of Limgrave. Just be ready for an invasion by Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater if you go near the Smoldering Church. Follow the road as it loops south and you'll soon find the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace. There's another a little further on, which is technically closer, but you can now just veer to the east and drop down to the location with Torrent. Just watch out for the debuff the red water inflicts.

If you're coming to the area from the north, via the Sellia Crystal Tunnel Site of Grace after being teleported, keep to the left of the cliff face next to the lake once you reach the area. You'll soon see the ruined tower ahead of you but look out for enemies here that inflict poison. The Meteorite Staff is found on the body in the window.

Is the Meteorite Staff worth it? 

This staff is sought after by sorcerers as it's pretty powerful early on and only requires 18 Intelligence to equip. The downside is that you can't upgrade or apply Elden Ring Ashes of War to it. That said, it does boast an S for intelligence scaling and it's likely to out-perform other spell-slinging weapons—upgraded or not—until you're much further on in the game. 


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