How to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring

elden ring two hand weapon stance
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Wondering how to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring? Now that FromSoft's latest game is out in the wild, you're probably keen to figure out everything that the vast world offers. Once you've chosen your Elden Ring class and picked up your trusty mount, Torrent, you might want to turn your attention to weapons and how they work.

Whether you want to jump into the thick of the action in melee or you prefer to stay further back with ranged attacks, there's a variety of weapons to choose from in the Lands Between. You might also want to know how to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring, and this guide will show you how.

Elden Ring: How to two-hand a weapon

There are times when you might want to throw caution to the wind, do away with a shield, and two-hand your weapon to increase the damage of your attacks. To do this, press E + left or right-click, depending on which hand you have the weapon equipped. If you're using a controller, Y (or Triangle) + left or right shoulder buttons do the same.

If you decide to switch to two-handed mode, you'll need to make sure you're light on your toes and ready to dodge or roll out the way of incoming attacks, so be aware of equip load. You may be dishing out more damage—and you still have the option of dealing light or heavy attacks, but you'll be more vulnerable without a shield to hide behind.

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