EGX: Rezzed 2020 has been cancelled

(Image credit: EGX)

EGX: Rezzed 2020, which was due to take place between July 2-4 in London, has been cancelled. Following its postponement in March, organiser Reed Exhibitions rescheduled it for this summer, which seemed pretty unrealistic at the time. 

"The effects, actual and projected, of Coronavirus are becoming evident across all aspects of our lives here in the UK and across the world, with many of our exhibitors and creators facing travel restrictions and quarantine measures," reads the statement from Reed Exhibitions. "After extensive discussions with all the relevant public health, local and national authorities, and with our Rezzed partners, we have taken the decision not to go ahead with this year’s event."

On March 20, when it was announced that the event would be taking place this summer, much of the above was still true. Travel restrictions and social distancing were already underway, and there was no indication when it would end.  

All EGX: Rezzed tickets are being upgraded to EGX tickets, which is scheduled to take place between September 17-20, but ticket holders are also entitled to a full refund. Exhibitors are also being offered a full refund, or the option to roll over to EGX in September or EGX: Rezzed 2021.

Unfortunately, exhibitors may have already made travel arrangements, presentations, demos and other investments. When GDC was cancelled, for instance, it hit indie developers hard, leading to companies banding together through intiatives like the GDC Relief Fund to help those in trouble. In that case, it was unavoidable, as GDC was scheduled before most people had ever even heard of the coronavirus. The same can't be said here.

Fraser Brown
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