EGX: Rezzed 2020 will apparently be returning in July

(Image credit: EGX: Rezzed)

EGX: Rezzed 2020 was meant to be kicking off this month, but it has of course been postponed due to the coronavirus. Organiser Reed Exhibitions said it would be returning in the summer, however, and it looks like its sticking to its guns, though the new dates might not be realistic. 

The convention will now take place between July 2-4 at Tobacco Dock in London, with previous ticket purchases still being valid. More details on the event will be shared soon. If you don't want to risk planning to go to an event in July, you can also change your ticket from an EGX: Rezzed one to a regular EGX 2020 ticket, the dates for which will be announced next week. 

E3 2020, which was due to take place in early June, was cancelled earlier this month, and it's not certain that the situation will be any better in July. While the coronavirus could die down by the summer, there's still no word on when large public gatherings will be safe. 

GDC 2020 has also been moved to the summer, a month later on August 4, but even that seems very optimistic, especially given that things are predicted to get worse. In the UK, where EGX: Rezzed takes place, the peak might not be for another 10 weeks or more, and today our schools are closing. 

Cities and whole countries are under enforced lockdowns, so it's hard to imagine anyone planning a trip soon. The cost of the postponements has already hit developers hard, so asking them to do it again just seems naive. They might not even be able to afford do, though money is being raised to help developers affected by postponements.

Fraser Brown
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