Edith Finch, Oxenfree, Gorogoa going cheap in GOG's Greatest Stories sale

This weekend George Stobart, Geralt of Rivia and Edith Finch join forces in (unfortunately not the best night out ever conceived) GOG's Greatest Stories sale. 

Running now through March 26 at 1pm PST/9pm BST, those interested can save up to 85 percent on story-heavy games—not least Broken Sword (£0.99/$1.19), The Witcher 3 (£12.49/$16.44) and What Remains of Edith Finch (£8.99/$11.82). 

Said to highlight the "shining example of mastery, innovation and timelessness", the sale lops up to 85 percent off select games. 

From Oxenfree (£3.79/$4.92) to Darkest Dungeon (£7.59/$10.01), Ultima 1-3 (£1.19/$1.49) to Dragon Age: Origins (£3.79/$4.92), Zork Anthology (£3.69/$4.79) to Gorogoa (£8.49/$11.24), there's loads on offer at a handy price—some of which are less than a quid/$1.50. 

Check out the sale in full in this direction, and share your own favourites in the comments south of here.