EA orders fan sites to pull Ultima IV

Ultima IV

The classic RPG Ultima IV has been freely available to download for years, but distribution sites have suddenly started getting cease and desist letters from EA. Sites hosting downloads and flash versions of Ultima IV have been forced to pull the game, starting rumours that EA may be planning a new entry in the Ultima series.

RPS noticed a report on Ultima Aiera noting that many sites that had been distributing the game have been forced to stop. The game has been available for free since 1997, which begs the question, why are EA protesting now?

Eurogamer links the story to a few other EA tidbits. A recent advert appeared looking for MMO web architect to work on an unnannounced title. Paul Barnett, designer on Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, has recently tweeted to say that he's working on a new secret project at Mythic. Could a new Ultima Online be on the cards?

Tom Senior

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