EA 2011: Mirror's Edge 2 to be powered by Frostbite 2?

Mirror's Edge thumb

In a Game Trailers interview at E3, president of EA Games, Frank Gibeau all but confirmed that EA is planning to make Mirror's Edge 2, adding that it will likely be powered by Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2 engine.

"We haven't killed Mirror's Edge," Gibeau told Game Trailers. "We're actively looking at how to bring it back in the right way. We love that franchise. The DICE guys really created something I think special the first time around. You've got to have a big idea to be able to do the next one and that's what we're working on."

When asked whether Mirror's Edge 2 could use Frostbite 2, Gibeau said "you'll see that combination, I'm sure."

Gibeau has spoken publicly before about the possibilities of a Mirror's Edge sequel. He's previously said that a lack of multiplayer and problems with pace and difficulty held the first game back. On the matter of lessons learned from the first game, he had this to say:

"If you're going to be bold with that kind of concept, you need to take it as far as it can go in development. You have to execute, you have to spend more time on a game to ensure it's polished, and you need to have the depth and persistence of an online game.”

Talk of Mirror's Edge 2 will be music to the ears of fans of the first game. Mirror's Edge's startling cityscapes are still some of the most memorable locations in gaming. The idea of seeing them reincarnated in the Frostbite 2 engine lights up a huge neon "YES" sign deep in my soul.

Tom Senior

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