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Dying Light mod tools extended to include PvP

Dying Light
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What a long way Dying Light has come since Techland was accused of issuing takedown notices (opens in new tab) against mods. It might not have been at fault, but free modding tools (opens in new tab) are an excellent outcome of a nasty misunderstanding. Now the Dying Light Dev Tools have been updated to support co-op and PvP modifications.

Last week we reported on an ambitious fan-made thrill ride map (opens in new tab), soon to be joined by a selection of custom deathmatches and particularly nasty cooperative challenges. The new tools went live alongside Rabid Squirrel's Don't Drown mod (opens in new tab), set on an island aspiring to be the new Atlantis by way of The Hunger Games.

If you're new to Dying Light modding, Techland has a series of tutorials (opens in new tab) you can browse.