Dying Light launches second global Be the Zombie event

Easily one of the best zombie games on PC, Dying Light is readying itself to launch its second global Be the Zombie event. Named Zombiefest #2, prospective players can look forward to event-specific modes and invasions with a twist: this time there's no spits, no tackles and no sensing other players.

"Instead, we go back to the basics: UV Flashlight and Pounce," reads an announcement post on the game's site. "The cumulative kills for both sides are tracked live to once again determine who the real predators are: Survivors or Hunters. Get a gold-tier weapon for participation and enjoy a modified rank title reflecting the final result."

Set to kick off later today from 8pm GMT/12pm PT through to 11.30pm PT on December 26/7.30am GMT on December 27, Zombiefest part two also sees human players battling minus the game's Survivor Sense—a move which makes the hunt "more tactical and stealthy." Use of flares, UV blocks and heals are also limited.

Those not participating can track the action via the Dying Light site, where new ranks will be active for three weeks thereafter. More information on the event can be found in this direction

To celebrate the second Zombiefest event, Dying Light's Enhanced Edition is also subject to a 60 percent discount on Steam

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