Dying Light launches free 'Content Drop #2' with new gun silencer

Despite closing in on its three-year anniversary, Dying Light remains determined to treat its players to complimentary goodies. Content Drop #2 is live now and brings with it a new, much-requested gun silencer. 

Following developer Techland's promise to give players ten free helpings of DLC in the space of a year, drop number two follows the zombie shooter's prior Lethal Inventions and Mutated Goon-featuring updates.  

Described by the dev as "100 percent community-inspired", the Gun Silencer offers players new stealth options without the worry of alerting Infected baddies by gunfire. Here's the new tool in motion:

As game producer Tymon Smektala notes there, the new Gun Silencer is compatible with both the German and American 9mm pistols. Luckily, the silencer is unbreakable however also requires its own ammunition—which is most frequently found in abandoned police vehicles. Which I assume will be invariably guarded by Virals. Because it wouldn't be Dying Light otherwise, would it? 

Dying Light's Content Drop #2 is live now. "The blueprints can be collected at the quartermaster’s, after updating the game," explains Techland in a statement.