Dying Light launches free 'Content Drop #1' with new weapons and bounties

Back in July, Dying Light developer Techland promised its players ten free DLC helpings over the next 12 months. Content Drop #0 marked the first, while Content Drop #1—named "Lethal Inventions"—is the second. 

The latter is out now and, of course, comes with a trailer. Here's that:

As outlined above, completing three special bounties grants players access to three new weapons: the limb-lopping Fenris Axe, the parkour speed-rushing Kuai Dagger, and the body-blasting Last Wish Revolver. In typical Dying Light style, each weapon's execution is more gruesome than the last, as you slaughter and slice Infected foes in quick succession.

Another new weapon, the 'Ye Old Trusty Wrench', is available later this week via Techland's Gemly—the bespoke digital distribution platform it launched earlier this year. We wrote about its introduction over here, while more detailed information can be gleaned via its official site.

With another eight free updates in the pipeline, Techland suggests "players and fans are encouraged to share their ideas and suggest what goes into future content drops".