Dying Light is free on the Epic Games Store

Dying Light
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Techland zombie survival game Dying Light is kind of an odd beast. It came out in 2015 to solid but not raving reviews, and then developer Techland just kept on going with updates, new content, and a whole spinoff: The final update, released in May 2022, upgraded everyone to the Dying Light Enhanced Edition for free. 

The dedication paid off: Dying Light has an "overwhelmingly positive" rating on Steam across nearly 276,000 user reviews, and according to Steam Charts more people are playing it right now than are playing the much-newer sequel Dying Light 2.

If you missed out when Dying Light was new, or any of the intervening years since, you can now grab the whole thing for free on the Epic Games Store. It's the Enhanced Edition, with all the upgrades and extra content including The Following expansion and season pass stuff, and once you've got it you can also pop over to Techland's website and grab the Dying Light Welcome Pack for free, too.

Dying Light Enhanced Edition isn't the only freebie this week. Shapez, a game about building factories to automate the production of geometric shapes, is also on the block. It sounds stressful to me, but the store page describes it as a "relaxed game," and just like Dying Light, it's rated "overwhelmingly positive" on Steam, with more than 8,500 user reviews. It's previously been available as an Epic Store freebie, though, while this is the first time around for Dying Light.

Both Dying Light and Shapez are free until April 13. After that, the medieval melee game Mordhau and the co-op dino-shooter Second Extinction will take their place. If you're curious about all the games Epic has given away since it started doing freebies in 2019, we've got a list.

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