Apex Legends' Valentine's Day Rendezvous event has been delayed

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Update: Apex Legends' big Valentine's Day Rendezvous event was expected to start today, February 11, but when the flag was meant to drop, well, apparently it did not. And whatever went wrong, it's serious enough that EA has now put the whole thing off until tomorrow.

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There's no relation, but I find it ironic and amusing that EA's Apex troubles come hot on the heels of Bungie's difficulties with Destiny 2, which is currently offline and will remain so until later tonight thanks to the recurrence of the big bug that wreaked so much havoc in January.

EA hasn't said yet whether the Valentine's Day Rendezvous will be extended to match the lost time up front, but I've reached out to ask and will update if I receive a reply.

Original story:

Valentine's Day, the annual celebration of love and romance, is not the sort of thing that immediately invites thoughts of shooting other people in the face. But teaming up with your special someone to do it? That's definitely on the menu, at least in Apex Legends, which will see the return of Duos mode tomorrow.

Duos mode, which is the same as the regular three-os mode but with one fewer person per team, debuted as a two-week limited-time mode in November 2019. The Valentine Duos will run for an even shorter stretch of just one week, but on the upside there's some very nice themed loot to pick up: Everyone who logs in during the event will get a Valentines 2020 badge, and there are also new Nessie and Pathfinder gun charms up for purchase and a "Double Up" booster that will double XP rewards to a max of 20,000 XP per day.

The Through the Heart skin for the Longbow DMR and the Love of the Game banner from last year's Valentine's event are also discounted in the Apex Store, if you missed them the last time around.

The Apex Legends Valentine's Day Rendezvous runs February 11-18. For a look at a different kind of love in the game, don't miss our impressions of the newest character, Revenant, a cool murderbot who doesn't quite have what it takes to shake up Apex's rigid meta.

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