Destiny 2 rollback is complete, servers are back online

destiny 2 devils ruin
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Update: It's back! You may encounter some turbulence logging into the game as everything returns to normal, but you (hopefully) won't find thing money or items disappearing from your inventory.

Here's what happened as a result of the rollback:

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Original story:

A Destiny 2 update released a couple of weeks ago went about as wrong as it could: As soon as it was live, players began reporting the loss of glimmer and rare enhancement materials in their inventories. In some cases players even lost Silver, the micro-transaction currency which has to be bought with real money. The bug didn't impact everyone, but it was a serious enough matter that Bungie was forced to take the entire game offline for several hours and roll accounts back to earlier in the day in order to fix it. But fix it they did—or did they?

Not quite.

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Destiny 2 was taken offline for "emergency maintenance" about an hour prior to this tweet, following the rollout of the "minor" hotfix. A reason for the takedown wasn't specified at that time, but Bungie has now confirmed that the bug is back, and that it will once again take an extended period of time to fix:

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I have no idea how this sort of thing keeps happening, but at least we know where to point the finger of blame. We'll keep you posted.

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