Duke Nukem 3D adds multiplayer, co-op modes on Steam

Grab your 56 kbps modems and triple-barreled machine guns. Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition has just been updated with multiplayer and cooperative modes. The Megaton Edition, which includes the original game and three expansion packs, is also discounted by 60 percent on Steam until Friday, down to $4.

This eight player multiplayer and cooperative mode is not the result of some weird mod that was added to the game years after the fact. It's the genuine article: an online multiplayer FPS from 1996, only three years after Doom was released and gave us the first signs that this was about to become a thing .

The update includes the original maps, plus Steam Workshop support that makes it easy to install literally hundreds of user generated maps. Duke Nukem 3D always had a really active and interesting modding community and it seems like that's still true today.

More importantly, Duke Nukem 3D is actually a good game, which is absolutely still worth playing if you haven't already, for historical reasons alone. Chris Comiskey played through it last year in one of our Reinstall features and found that "Duke Nukem 3D is still gaming's best popcorn shooter, and revisiting it reminds me of how seriously FPSes have taken themselves since."