Dragon Age: Inquisition will let you hug your companions, customise horns

No matter how tough or Greyspawn-ridden the world gets, most problems can be solved with a good hug. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that 90% of the original Dragon Age's grim fantasy story could have been avoided if the Grey Wardens had just given their age-old foes a lovely embrace, followed by a cosy chat to iron out their differences. That unfortunately wasn't possible in the first of Bioware's series, but you will be able to do some manner of hugging in Inquisition. Not with the Greyspawn - not even with those fluffy, cuddly werewolves - but with some of your companions. That and other titbits have emerged from a recent Q and A on the vowel-phobic Raptr, in which fans asked Bioware questions , and they answered. The juiciest morsels are below.

Did you know, for instance, that you'll be able to customise your Qunari party member's horns? Sticking with Qunari for a moment, they (understandably) don't wear helmets either, preferring some other manner of headgear instead.

The approval system from previous games seems to have been effectively done away with, in favour of a less binary system that keeps track of your words and actions, rather than how many gifts you've chucked at your chums during the game. It will also matter a lot more who you take with you on quests, something I imagine will affect the game's eight romances. Also: you can jump now, Morrigan will feature quite a bit, and backstabbing appears to be out. Oh, and there will be no DLC at launch.

Eurogamer and this Tumblr have done a great job summarising that Raptr page, and it would be a bit cheeky of me to copy and paste the whole thing, so be sure to head here for more titbits on Inquisition, some of which you might already know.

Tom Sykes

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