Double Fine makes Broken Age documentary free


It's been three years since the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for the Double Fine Adventure—the game that would become Broken Age. According to the studio, the result of that campaign is just now reaching its conclusion. Broken Age Act 2 is imminent, and that means an end for both the game and the documentary of its making.

Whatever your opinion of Broken Age's first act (for the record, I loved it), or the looooong wait for Act 2, the documentary—created by Two-Player Productions—is an eye-opening series. It's an honest portrayal of creative development, and a enlightening look at the hurdles and challenges of game creation. It's also being made public.

Currently, there are three episodes available for non-backers to watch:

Additional episodes will be uploaded every Tuesday and Thursday. Alternatively, the full series is available to purchase for an "Early Bird price" of $10. That includes all current episodes at 1080p, plus a bunch of bonus extras when the series has finished.

Phil Savage

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