Dota Underlords update highlights changes from Early Access to 1.0

(Image credit: Valve)

With the announcement of Dota Underlords official release date Valve has uploaded a new blog post update explaining what's shipping in Season 1 and details about a celebratory launch party. The autobattler launched on Steam back in June and will be leaving Early Access on February 25. 

You can scan the full update details on the Dota Underlords blog via Steam. There will be a soft reset of Underlords Rank which applies to standard, duos, and knockout ranks. Lords of White Spire is an exception who will be reset to Big Boss III. Players will keep their Standard Rank and will be set to Minor Rank 1. 

The autobattler boards are also going through some changes. 1.0 will feature a new default board and five new boards for players to unlock. Two beta season boards will be available for players that reached level five in the free Proto pass.

There will be a bunch of new ways to customise loadouts and boards, including board props and titles. Level 5 players will also receive a dapper Gold Ricky board prop as a bonus.

If you want to take part in the 1.0 celebrations, the live-streamed launch party will be on Dota Underlord's launch day 10 AM PST over on Twitch and Steam TV. The stream will feature guests and players from the Underlord's community. Expect a few good battles too.

With the release of Dota Underlords Season 1, the team will be working on seasonal rotation, match replay, and a battle pass. For more info go to Read more about Dota Underlords in this month's PC Gamer that features a special Dota Underlords cover. You can subscribe here and choose print, digital, or both.

Rachel Watts

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