Dordogne is a promising watercolour adventure game with a stunning trailer

It made me a little emotional, this beautiful trailer for Dordogne: an upcoming adventure game that seems to be deeply in love with nature and the outside world. You remember the outside, I hope, a place of stunning watercolour scenery and childhood adventuring, or at least, it is in the distinctly French Dordogne.

You've watched the trailer, yes? You want to be exploring this painted landscape? First, perhaps, you'll want to hear a little more about it. The game's not out until 2021, anyway.

As the Steam page explains, Dordogne is "a narrative adventure game in which you play as Mimi, a 32-year-old woman visiting the house of her recently deceased grandmother. As a souvenir of the childhood summers Mimi spent with her in Dordogne, her grandmother left her letters and puzzles to solve, to remind her to make the most out of life."

You'll play as a 10-year-old version of Mimi, but also her older self, with the past timeline affecting that of the present. There's no firm release date yet, other than that vague "2021", but you can wishlist it if you like, or enjoy a bit more of the trailer—I've stuck an extended version below.

Tom Sykes

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