Doomfist is now Doomfish

Halloween is coming, and everyone is dressing up—even Overwatch's imposing, intimidating super-bad guy Doomfist. Or as he's now known, Doomfish

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Blizzard teased the "Swamp Monster Doomfist" legendary skin as part of the buildup to the Halloween Terror event that kicks off next week. There's probably a Shape of Water joke to be made here, but I haven't seen the film and honestly I don't get what's so sexy about fishmen in the first place. Have you ever actually touched a fish? Or smelled one after it's been out of the water for awhile? Not pleasant, let me tell you.

The scaly skin is an interesting idea, but I think it would have been a lot more fun if Blizzard had gone all-in and replaced his giant fist with a giant fish that he could slap people in the face with. Or maybe some kind of fish-launcher? That could work.

Try to tell me you wouldn't be a Doomfish main if you could do that in the game.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror Event gets underway on October 9. I imagine we'll see more weird costumes and other fun stuff as the date approaches.

Andy Chalk

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