Doom, Prey, Dishonored, and more are super cheap on Steam

(Image credit: Steam)

QuakeCon gets underway on July 26 with all kinds of good stuff, including a Doom Eternal keynote, esports stuff, giveaway, and other gun-toting goodness you can read about here. In the runup to the big annual show, Bethesda Softworks is holding a QuakeCon Sale on Steam, and it's actually got some really good prices on really good games.

A few choice selections:

All sorts of other Bethesda-published games, old and new, are on sale, but the ones above are especially noteworthy because they're all relatively recent, really good, and according to they're all marked down as low as they've ever been. If you've been waiting to see how The Outsider's saga wraps up, or you just want to plug some more Nazis, this might be time to make your move.

The QuakeCon sale prices are good until July 30.

Andy Chalk

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