Doom Eternal has a hub where you'll see how Doomguy 'spends his free time'

At the Doom Eternal panel at QuakeCon today, we got to watch creative director Hugo Martin play part of the game, which was followed by questions from the Slayers Club (the official Doom fan club). A question about the source of Doomguy's incredible strength was asked, which naturally led to a discussion about the Slayer's workout routine and whether or not he spends a lot of time at the gym.

"He's ripping and tearing demons apart all the time, so..." said creative director Hugo Martin, implying this is how Doomguy gets his fabulous physique.

"It's funny, we had a discussion about that. Does he lift?" said Martin. "I'm like, I don't... he's not, like, a bro. You know? I don't think he drinks protein."

After a bit more discussion about various possibilities for how the Doom Slayer maintains his ripped bod, we found out we might actually get a real answer to the question in Doom Eternal, along with more details about Doomguy's life outside of his demon-smashing activities.

"Should we talk about the hub? Maybe?" executive producer Marty Stratton tried to ask Martin quietly—though he was wearing a mic, which doesn't make for the most effective sotto voce.

"You'll see kind of, like, where he hangs out," Martin said eventually. "Again, if you care. You'll see how he spends his free time, and you'll learn a lot about him through the game, if you look for it and pay attention."

A peek into the Doom Slayer's personal pad? I'm definitely curious. You can watch the demo and panel discussion here, starting at around 1:24:00.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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