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Doom Eternal's Super Gore Nest mission is brimming with secrets and collectibles. A new nest has spawned, and a fleshy substance has spread across the buildings and rubble on Earth. En route to contain the situation, the formidable Doom Slayer is poised to rip and tear through this level to halt the demons' advances.

There are 23 collectibles to find, and backtracking on this large level is not ideal. I'm here to help you find every Super Gore Nest secret, from albums to Sentinel Batteries. There are also five Praetor Suits up for grabs. These are particularly valuable as they are used to upgrade your suit, and are also necessary for acquiring the Quakecon Mode cheat code. There's plenty of collectibles to hunt for and some of them are tricky to spot. Let's take a look at all the Super Gore Nest secrets in Doom Eternal, and where to find them.  

All Super Gore Nest secrets

Super Gore Nest Cheat code

There is one Doom Eternal cheat code on the Super Gore Nest level and it's hidden away in a spot that you may not even notice:

  • Infinite Ammo: Stand opposite the altar where you place the keys, with the blue jump pad on your right. Ahead, on the floor below, is a circular window blocked by a bone wall. Jump and dash to reach it and melee the wall to enter and retrieve the cheat code.

Super Gore Nest Slayer Gate and Slayer Key

As always, the Slayer Key and corresponding Gate are close to each other in this mission. Upon completing the intense encounter you are awarded a Doom Eternal Empyrean Key. 

Slayer Gate: Stand on the large platform where you place the keys, and turn away from it. Below, on the left is a grey platform constructed of broken pipes (two floors below the "Vorus Technologies" sign). The Gate is at the end of the platform.

Slayer Key: After placing the Blue Gore Key at the altar, head to the area in which you started. There's a large, fleshy structure in the middle with blue markings on its entrances. Walk to this structure and use the jump pad to reach a pink climbable wall opposite. Climb to the top and walk through another entrance with blue markings on it. Drop through the floor, eliminate the Spectre and then drop down one more floor to acquire the Slayer Key. 

Super Gore Nest Runes

There are two Doom Eternal Runes to find as you progress through this level:

Rune one: After jumping and dashing past the fiery suspended chains, look right and grab onto the wall. Climb to the top and melee the breakable green wall. Head up the stairs to find the Rune on the left.

Rune two: Ensure that you have located and placed the Yellow Gore Key at the large altar. From the room with the monkey bars and the chomping mouth in the middle, head through the doorway marked with the yellow markings. Make a hard right and use the jump pad to find what you're looking for.

Super Gore Nest Sentinel batteries

Sentinel batteries can be used at the Fortress of Doom base to power parts of the ship and unlock various items. There are three Sentinel batteries hidden away on the Super Gore Nest level:

Sentinel battery one: In the area with the green toxic slime and the spinning monkey bar pillar, head through the archway and turn left twice. Hop up onto the platform ahead to grab the Sentinel battery.

Sentinel battery two: Following the section with the fiery chains and lava, climb the tall wall on the right to find the Sentinel battery next to the UAC spokesperson holographic figure. 

Sentinel battery three: The final Sentinel battery can be found near the Slayer Key. You need to place the Blue Gore Key at the altar to access this area. Head to the large, fleshy structure in the middle with blue markings on its entrances. Use the jump pad inside to jump to the pink climbable wall and climb to the top. Continue through another entrance with blue markings on it and drop through the floor. Drop down one more floor to find the Sentinel battery. 

Super Gore Nest Praetor Suit points

Praetor Suit points are always worth collecting as they upgrade your suit. There are five to find in this mission:

Praetor Suit point one: From the room with the moving mouth and monkey bars, take the monkey bar up to the next level. Walk over to the pink light and melee the breakable wall. Jump and dash forward to reach the extra life, then drop down to walk through the mouth-shaped doorway to the right of the big red sign.

Praetor Suit point two: In the room with the Buff Totem, stand on the green pad on the right (above) to find a Praetor Suit point. Watch out for the Tentacles directly in front of it though.  

Praetor Suit point three: After reactivating the power at the first terminal, make your way through the area and activate the green skull. Take the green pad to find yourself outside. Eliminate the enemies and continue following the main quest marker. After taking the monkey bars, the Praetor Suit point is to the left of the punchable green block. 

Praetor Suit point four: In the toxic slime area after acquiring the Red Gore Key, head down and through the mouth-shaped doorway on the left to find the Praetor Suit in front of the metal bars.

Praetor Suit point five: On the second occasion that you enter the toxic slime area, drop down and dash to the first pink climbable wall. Jump to the next three pink climbable walls and then jump to the regular climbable wall to your right. Turn around to see the Praetor Suit point on a platform ahead.

Super Gore Nest Modbots

Improve your weapons by locating Super Gore Nest's two Modbots:

Modbot one: Shortly after collecting the Hellgrowth Part II codex, climb the two walls in the first building, eliminate the demons in the room and continue walking to find the first Modbot.

Modbot two: After reactivating the power at the first terminal, avoid stepping on the blue lightning pool on the floor and walk forward. Walk through the mouth entrance and take a hard right, following the corridor around to a modbot.

Super Gore Nest Albums

Rock out back at the Fortress of Doom by finding these two albums:

WOLF 3D - Wondering About My Loved Ones: Just after finding the Blue Gore Key, follow the main quest marker through the toxic slime and back outside. Walk through the mouth entrance with the blue markings on it (straight ahead) to find the album.

Doom 3 Main Theme: Head across the area with the lava pools near the monkey bars. In the broken building ahead is a visible yellow question mark. Jump and dash to retrieve the album. 

Super Gore Nest Codex Entries

Add three more Codex entries to your growing catalogue:

Hellgrowth Part I: The first Codex entry can be found very early on in the mission. After spawning in the train station, walk through the broken trains and bear right outside. Jump and stand on top of the train at the end, then jump and dash to reach the Codex entry.

Hellgrowth Part II: The second Codex entry is not far from the first. After eliminating all enemies in the starting area, follow the main quest marker into the first building. Dash over the hole in the floor to pick up the item. 

Super Gore Nest: In the same room as the new weapon, walk to the far corner to find the Codex entry near a stack of boxes. 

Super Gore Nest Sentinel Crystal

There's only one Sentinel Crystal in this mission and its located in plain sight:

After placing the Yellow Gore Key you spawn in a new building. Head through the mouth-shaped doorway on the right and down the elevator shaft next to the UAC spokesperson hologram. Eliminate any threats, take the doorway on the left, and continue following the corridor to find the Sentinel Crystal. 

Super Gore Nest Toys

Collect three cute demon toys to add to your collection:

Mecha Zombie: Ensure you have the Blue Gore Key and head to the area where you started. Enter the fleshy structure with the blue jump pad inside. Use the jump pad and turn to face the broken building with a visible yellow question mark.

Soldier (Shield): Inside with the moving mouth and monkey bars, use the monkey bars to propel you up to the level above. Now turn around and dash to the platform opposite to find the Soldier toy.

Revenant: In the first toxic slime area with the spinning monkey bar pillar, head past the slime waterfall and down the corridor next to it to find the toy.

Super Gore Nest Secret Encounters

There are two Secret Encounters to test your Slayer skills:

Secret Encounter one: In the room with the Buff Totem, head through the open archway past the holographic figure and bear right to find the Gore Nest. 

Secret Encounter two: In the area with the toxic slime. After using the spinning monkey bar pillar to break the green wall, walk around and continue through the doorway on the left. Step on the green pad to transport to the platform where the second Gore Nest sits.

Super Gore Nest Armor

This item isn't listed in the Exploration summary for the mission, but it still counts as a secret. To find it, head to the area filled with lava (just before the monkey bars) and melee the breakable wall on the right to find some armor.

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