The Don't Starve series is going cheap this weekend

Whenever I think of the ever-growing list of permadeath games that line the modern landscape, Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve first springs to mind. Not only is it a brutally unforgiving but entirely rewarding game, it's also inspired loads of interesting tales not to mention a Tim Burton-flavoured fan reenactment

The Don't Starve series is now subject to a weekend-long sale on Steam, which means if you've yet to experience Klei's survival 'em up now's the time to give it a bash. 

From now through Monday 10am PST/6pm BST, the Don't Starve base game is going for just £2.74/$3.74 with a 75 percent reduction. Its standalone multiplayer expansion—the aptly named Don't Starve Together—is now 35 percent cheaper at £7.14/$9.74, and its Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked DLCs are going for £0.99/$1.24 and £2.79/$3.49 respectively. 

If you're feeling flush, the Don't Starve Mega Pack will net you all of the above for a cool £9.15$12.21, while a number of other bundles, some of which include the game's OST, can be viewed over here

If you've had your share of Don't Starve, though, you might be interested in Klei's latest game Oxygen Not Included. Read Chris' words on why he reckons its a deep and complex sim that's also easy to jump into.