Don't forget the Steam Summer Sale ends today

(Image credit: Valve Software)

Here's your sad reminder that the Steam Summer Sale ends today. If you've been eyeing up a game and struggling to make your mind up, it's now or never. Or, rather, now or the autumn sale we'll inevitably get in just a few short months.

This sale's been an odd one. Instead of bringing in a big new event or minigame, it simply brought us a load of deals and a new feature in the Steam Points store. There's also been an add-on sale that saw £5 off of your first purchase of £30 or over, which feels like a direct response to Epic Games Store's own voucher system that sees games regularly go for ridiculously low prices during seasonal sales.

While these doesn't make up for the disappointing loss of the daily deals and flash sales we enjoyed a few years ago, it has felt nice to have a sale not be clogged up with a load of minigame nonsense at the same time. It's expected that any points you accrue in this sale will carry on past it, so don't worry about spending them straight away.

As always, /r/GameDealsMeta has an excellent thread listing some of the best deals you may have missed. There's also SteamDB, which can help you find games that are above specific user ratings while also being on discounts worth bothering with, if you wanted to snap up the best deals.

My personal highlight of the sale has easily been Supraland, a game that combines Portal's first-person physics-based puzzles with a Metroidvania-y style open-ended world to explore. I've been pouring almost all of my free time into it, and at £6.97 I can absolutely recommend it.

The sale ends today (July 9, 2020) at 10AM PST (6PM BST).