Dodgeball shooter Knockout City is free to try for all new players

A Knockout City image.
(Image credit: EA Originals)

Knockout City splits players into a competitive team-based shooter format, but arms them with lethal dodgeballs. It’s significantly more intense than the dodgeball games of our schooldays, but maybe the same amount of deadly? The multiplayer dodgeball brawler celebrated its launch on the 21st with a ten day long block party that brought in over 2 million players—and the fun isn’t over yet.

While the block party ends today, new players can still play for free up to Street Rank 25 before needing to buy the game. There’s a fair amount of trick shots you could funnel into that time, something Morgan Park found no end of in his review. “There are so many ways to use these moves—far, close, slow, fast, faked, passed—but none are more satisfying than full-sending a ball 30 meters around a corner to watch it bonk an opponent who's preoccupied with what's in front of them. Hundreds of KOs later, the high still hasn't worn off.” 

Morgan considered it one of the best games this year, which is high praise considering we’re nearly halfway done. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can even nudge your friends on consoles to play, as it’s crossplay compatible and available on Xbox Game Pass (via EA Play). What Knockout City has clearly tapped into is that what we all really need is some inter-platform, socially distanced, dodgeballs-to-the-face.

You can try Knockout City for free (and buy it) on Steam and the Epic Games Store