What you should know about crossplay in Knockout City

is knockout city crossplay
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Is Knockout City crossplay? It's something a good chunk of the now two million players are asking as we get to grips with this surprisingly deep dose of virtual dodgeball. Its depth is part of why Morgan thinks Knockout City is very good, actually, so you might as well give it a try since it's currently in a ten-day free trial period.

It's a concept I can certainly get on with: I like the idea of dodgeball, but I can do without a mouthful of speedy spherical rubber in real life, thanks. So doing so virtually and from the comfort of my desk is much more appealing—even more so when there's a healthy player base to go up against. With that in mind, here's how to get Knockout City crossplay working.

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So, yes, Knockout City does have crossplay and cross-progression on PC and all the recent consoles, as you can see from the tweet above. No matter which platform your friends are on, you can play together and you can switch between them and pick up where you left off in terms of your gear and stats.

Even better, you don't have to do too much to get it going: Knockout City crossplay is the default. In other words, you'll have a mix of players from all platforms in your lobby from the off. That's something you might as well keep enabled, so it's nice and easy for you to get into matches quickly.

That said, if you want to invite specific friends to play, you'll need their Knockout City ID. Although this is still simple, given that all your invites are grouped together in the same menu. It's all intuitive and modern, with very little in the way of smashing your friends in the face with an (albeit virtual) ball in the most skilfully satisfying way possible.

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