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Dodgeball brawler Knockout City will be on Game Pass at launch

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EA's arena ball-hucker Knockout City will be available on Xbox Game Pass and EA Play at launch, the publisher announced in a blog post (opens in new tab) this week.

Arriving on Origin, Steam (opens in new tab), and the Epic Games Store (opens in new tab) on May 21st, the 3v3 dodgeball arena will also be available via Xbox Game Pass for PC, by way of that service's integration with EA Play (opens in new tab). Combined with the cross-platform support already shown in the game's recent beta (opens in new tab), it looks like EA wants to ensure there's a strong playerbase at launch.

That's important, because while Knockout City's unique spin on team shooters (auto-aim balls that can be dodged, caught, and thrown back meshed with Overwatch-style hero abilities) could be neat, it's easy to see this kind of experiment fall on its face. Indeed, EA has already seen one similar project flounder. Is anyone still playing Rocket Arena (opens in new tab) these days?

Knockout City is already facing an uphill battle, too. The game's reveal trailer was more memorable for its Wreck-It Ralph-style framing (opens in new tab), and there's a sense that the game hasn't really found a style beyond looking a bit Fortnite-ish. 

Still, by putting it on Game Pass and EA Play, Knockout City might tempt enough players over to sell its particularly gymnastic brand of arena shooting. We'll find out when Knockout City launches at the end of next month.

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