Disney Universe trailer and screenshots reveal Wall-E World

[VAMS id="115AmXXom5NIc"]

Disney Universe will gather a number of different Disney worlds together in one place, and mash them all together into one brightly coloured ball of mischevious multiplayer platforming. Wall-E is the latest character to join a team that already includes the cast of Monsters Inc and Alice in Wonderland. Players will be able to work together or use items like magnets and laser blasters to hinder each other's progress through each world.

Varying costume pieces collected along the way will let each character dress up as strange and occasionally slightly terrifying versions of everyone's favourite Disney personalities. Hopefully there will be a button that will let your character go "Wwwwaaaaalll-E" in the way that made this lady cry. You'll find the new Disney Universe screenshots below. It's due out in October.

Tom Senior

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